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Timeline 913 A.D. - 2008

The TIMELINE is a listing of Hebden Clan events from A.D. 913 to 2008. Sources are given where known, but may be abbreviated. This is a large file and may take some time to download!

A note on dates: Through this timeline, calendar systems change. Dates from A.D.913 to 31st December 1751 are in the Julian Calendar, or “old style” and from the 1st January 1752 in the Gregorian calendar or “new style”. For detailed notes on the interpretation and calculation of calendar dates, see http://www.obliquity.com/calendar/osns.html  

In this listing, dates before January 1st 1752 are shown in this format: yyyy.mmdd, e.g 1218.0914 = 14th September 1218.

In the Julian calendar, each year ran from the 25th March to the 24th March. In this system, the 24th March 1218 would be followed by 25th March 1219. In the list for events upto 1752, months 01 (for January), 02, (for February) and 03 for March) are not used, and the months are numbered from 04 (April) to 15 (March).
Dates between the 25th to 31st March are shown as yyyy.mmdd in the “new” year. Events of unknown date within the year are shown thus: 1218.0000

Dates in the Gregorian Calendar are the same as those in use at the present time. In the listing, date format for events from 1st January 1752 is yyyy.mmdd

© John R. Hebden & Graham Pratten. Permission to publish this item is gratefully acknowledged. Copying of this document in whole or in part by any means is prohibited. Updated 11th Dec 2009

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